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TAPR - Hamvention

The 2014 Dayton Hamvention, May 16-18, 2014


      7:00 PM - TAPR Board of Directors meeting at Hampton Inn & Suites Dayton-Vandalia on Miller Lane.


      8:00 AM - Outside Exhibits Open
      9:00 AM - Inside Exhibits Open
      9:15 AM - TAPR Digital Forum
      6:00 PM - Exhibit Area Closes
      6:00 PM - TAPR/AMSAT Dinner


      8:00 AM - Exhibit Area Opens
      5:00 PM - Exhibit Area Closes


      8:00 AM - Exhibit Area Opens
      1:00 PM - Exhibit Area Closes

Dayton Hamvention general information is available at Hamvention site.

TAPR's Booth Space

    See us at Booths 451-454, in the same room with ARRL and AMSAT.
    The TAPR booth is located in the Ball Arena of the Hara Arena

TAPR Digital Forum

Note: The exact schedule is not finalized. The following list is last year's topics.

The TAPR Digital Forum will be from 9:15 AM to 11:15 AM on Friday, May 15th in Room 1.

    Time Talk Presenter
    9:15-9:30 Introduction and TAPR Update

    Steve Bible, N7HPR,
    TAPR President
    9:30-9:55 New Developments in the openHPSDR Software Defined Radio Project

    We will take a look at exciting new developments in the openHPSDR project. Topics include PureSignal predistortion to improve transmit linearity, the new UDP protocol definition, a new GPS frequency standard and an overview of new Gen2 hardware, among others.

    Scotty Cowling, WA2DFI
    9:55-10:20 HackRF and Your Digital World

    Modern software defined radio platforms like HackRF give us an unprecedented ability to explore the radio spectrum around us. Meanwhile, our world is exploding with new digital radio systems both large and small. Never before has it been possible to interact with so many interesting wireless systems. Join me on a tour of the vast array of digital radio signals that are a part of your daily life and see how HackRF allows you to join in the fun.

    Michael Ossmann
    10:20-10:45 Whitebox / HT of the Future

    Whitebox is a power-conserving handheld SDR transceiver with an Open Source / Open Hardware design. Chris Testa will show a working Whitebox system and discuss his progress and the issues he confronted. Whitebox is a complete RF platform that plugs into a computer. HT of the Future, combining Whitebox and Android, gives us a handheld platform for soft-modems and applications with a full graphical user interface. It has all of the power of Hermes or FlexRadio, but for 54 to 1000 MHz and in your pocket. Chris will discuss what it will take to get Whitebox to experimenters this year and what will be necessary to realize it as an end-user platform next year.

    Chris Testa, KD2BMH
    10:45-11:15 AMBE Exposed!, FreeDV & Codec2


    AMBE has been reverse-engineered, leading to a D-STAR receive application that works without a DV-Dongle! The developers would like to remain unnamed for now due to intellectual property reasons, but Bruce has their number. Bruce will discuss the technology, the potential for a single unit that could talk with all of D-STAR, Yaesu System Fusion, and a Codec2 based system, and what you can do with the software today. One of the largest concerns is when AMBE emulating software will become legal in the U.S. due to patent expiration, and Bruce will give a short explanation of what we know about that.

    The Second Generation of FreeDV and Codec2, news from David Rowe, VK5DGR

    David has been working on a new generation of FreeDV. The prototype (in simulation as I write this) achieves a significant signal-to-noise improvement. Technologically, it's a startling departure from the first version. We'll go over the design and some early audio samples, and what we expect for the next year.

    by Bruce Perens, K6BP


Joint TAPR/AMSAT Banquet Friday evening at Dayton.

Dinner tickets must be purchased in advance at the AMSAT Store.

No tickets will be sold at either the AMSAT or TAPR booths.

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