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TAC32 Software

A Software Interface for the TAC-2 and DGPSIB

Thanks to the efforts of Rick Hambly, W2GPS (ex WB2TNL), the DGPSIB (Differential GPS Interface board) and TAC-2 (Totally Accurate Clock 2) now has a 32-bit Windows 95/NT program called TAC32. TAC32 provides the perfect graphical interface to control your TAC-2 or DGPSIB.

Software Registration

The author has granted TAPR permission to register TAC32 to TAPR members for non-commercial and personal use. Commercial inquiries should be made to CNS Systems.

A 30-day trial version of TAC32 can be download from http://www.cnssys.com/tac32/.

The price for the TAC-32 Software Registration is:

  • $ 55 USD

(Place Web Order)

Commercial Inquires contact CNS Systems.


The main screen displays UTC, PC, Greenwich Mean Sidereal, Local Mean Sidereal, or PC clock error time. The software can automatically reset the PCs internal clock with 25 msec accuracy. TAC32 gives you a display of which satellites are above the horizon. This includes a bargraph "S-meter" for each of the satellites in lock.

Other features include Data Logging, Set Reference Location, Timing Setup, Coax Delay Calculator, Averaging Parameters, and GPS Mode Selection.

TAC32 makes programming the DGPSIB a snap. First, TAC32 can determine the reference position of the DGPS Reference Station by averaging. Once the reference position is entered, you program the DGPSIB from the GPS Receiver Mode Selections window. Click on Timing or DGPS button and OK, and you are all done.

More information about the TAC32 software is available from http://www.cnssys.com/cnsclock/Tac32Software.html.

TAC32 also supports the CNS Clock, a commercial version of the TAC-2 that is EMI certified to FCC Part 15, Subpart B and CISPR 22:1994 (both radiated and conducted emissions).

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