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LATEST DCC Proceedings The 31st TAPR and ARRL Digital Communications Conference 2012 conference proceedings, held in Atlanta, GA, is available in print form. ... Read more

Wireless Digital Comm: Design and Theory This 334 page book by Tom McDermott, N5EG provides a concise group of topics covering a broad spectrum of amateur synchronous digital communications subjects to print in one place. This text aims to present the information in a clear and straight-forward manner, with the maximum use of graphical and computer-assisted aids, and with a minimum of rigorous mathematical theory...Read more

Spread Spectrum Update This 214 page book provides an extremely broad treatment of the subject of spread spectrum systems as applied to amateur radio. While little technical and social literature exists on this subject, the publication provides a convenient compilation of a fair amount of the significant work. It should appeal to a wide-ranging audience with an interest in the subject. ... Read more

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