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  1. Day 1 feedback.
    The Good:
    Great day one with lots of good presentations.
    30 min. / session is good.
    Video recording of session before conference is good.
    Q&A worked fine.
    30 min. breaks worked out fine to get food, etc.
    I cannot afford to go to conferences. This works great for me.
    It is easy to record the session and replay it over again to understand. My stroke disabilities include loss of some hearing, loss of reading ability in real time and right side blind.

    Needs improvement.
    Some presenters’ mics were very poor and not understandable. Check all mics well before conference so poor mics can be fixed.
    I could not find any URL on the website to go to the live streaming session. Post URL to YouTube channel ahead of time.

    73 David WA9ONY

    1. Thanks for the comments and suggestions, David! Just a note about the YouTube URL — we don’t know what it is until the stream starts, so can’t post it ahead of time.

      BTW, the URL for today’s (Saturday) stream is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_NTvubFmew

  2. Day 2
    Great day again.
    Note, having the YouTube chat at the same time of the presentation video is great.
    You cannot do that in a live presentation room.

    It would be nice to put the TAPR meeting on YouTube.

    The YouTube URL for streaming can be the
    TAPA channel. The streaming is at the top of the TAPA channel.

    Next time I would like to see a half day tutorial workshops on
    GRC and SDRs

    Great work to all of you.
    73 David WA9ONY

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