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1. Replace the ink cartridges and Toner:
Replacing ink or toner cartridges is an important process to be performed as the ink or toner inside the cartridges may be dry or due to dryness making it difficult during printing. So, the pages are blank.
Check your ink and toner cartridges, if the ink or toner is full not dried then look at the points ahead.

2. Unclog the Printer-head:
Clogging would be also a fair reason for causing this issue. Maybe something has been stuck in the printer which is troubling to do the printing.
Usually, this issue is arising because you haven’t used the printer for a long time, which clogs the printer head.

3. Empty Cartridges:
Maybe the cartridges are empty and it’s very obvious if the ink is not there then how the printing is possible. Right?
If we are using something, it will definitely be finished one day. Ink also ends as we print.
You can easily find how much ink is left in the cartridge by observing the menu buttons present in your printer.

I hope these different techniques will be helpful to resolve Canon printer issue.
Mark Wilson