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    Daniel Marks

    I recently learned about the TAPR DCC Zoom conference in September from the NC section ARRL newsletter. I have been working on a “research” project in amateur radio that might be of interest to TAPR members.

    I have created a system of HF circuits intended to be building blocks to research making a HF phased array antenna system. It is open source hardware and software and is available at:

    It is a modular system for creating automatic antenna tuners. However, as well as detecting forward and reflected power, it can detect the phase of the radiated signal as well as insert various lengths of coaxial cable into the signal path to change the delay and radiated phase. The idea is that the power from a transmitter can be divided among several antennas, with each antenna actively measuring the phase of the radiated signal and adjusting the delay accordingly to beam the HF signal in a particular direction.

    There is a 60 page document describing the system in the documentation directory on the github site above. It has been a long slog getting all of this working so far, especially learning the pitfalls of working with high power RF signals. Perhaps some others might be interested in trying some of this out.

    In its present form, one can make a custom antenna tuner by combining individual modules for inductance, capacitance, a directional coupler, and a control board to form a complete tuner. It can scale to low or high power depending on which modules are used.

    At any rate, this may be of interest to the TAPR community. Please let me know if you have any questions or ideas.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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