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    NYC Art Installation. Secure and Precise hanging of paintings, pictures, plates, plaques, posters, masks, tapestry, arrases, sculptures, and other art as well as collectibles & rewards.

    * Collection Layout & Spatial Design
    * Family Photo Arrangement in collages and groupings
    * Installation of heavy and decorative Mirrors and Boards
    * Plexiglas covered photograths, neon’s
    * Vases and statues
    * Art placement consulting
    * Art removal from shipping crates
    Installation techniques: picture hooks and other hardware, security hardware for outdoor and public spaces, and varieties of display systems
    Installations are secure both for the art and for the walls. We do install on any wall or ceiling type (sheetrock, drywall, cement, plaster, cement, concrete, brick, wood, or metal)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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