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Motorola Oncore VP/UT+/GT+ Interface Board SemiKit

This product is no longer available.

Oncore attached to Interface Board Interface Board Motorola Oncore VP/UT+/GT+ Interface Board SemiKit by McKinney Technology provides a stable interface point for the Oncore receiver.

  • Example of Oncore attached to Interface Board on right

Design Features

  • A GPS Interface Board SemiKit for the Motorola Oncore VP/UT+/GT+
  • Same size as Motorola Oncore receivers 2" x 3.25" x 0.95" (with stand-offs)
  • Major components preassmbled, screws and stand-offs included
  • Serial Ports
    • RS-232 interface for input and output control of GPS receiver
    • RS232 level output of 1PPS signal
    • DGPS input (select RS-232 interface between computer or DGPS control)
    • Second RS-232 port to support the DGPS input for the GT+ receivers
  • Power Supply
    • High-efficiency LM2574 step-down regulator provides 5 VDC @ 250ma from 7-30 VDC input without a heatsink
    • Reverse voltage isolation diode
  • Options (User supplies components)
    • Low-Z 1PPS output with LED indication
    • Lithium Battery for GPS receivers without onboard battery backup



McKinney Technology

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