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TNS-BUF Isolation Amplifier

The TNS-BUF Isolation Amplifier is a very low noise, high isolation, buffer amplifier for use in time and frequency measurement applications where it is important to isolate signals without adding noise. The main purpose of the TNS-BUF is to look as much as possible like a one-way piece of wire at RF frequencies.

It is designed for use at 5 or 10 MHz, but will work with some loss of gain from 1 MHz to at least 50 MHz.

The TNS-BUF circuit was designed by Dr. Bruce Griffiths, and John Miles, KE5FX, provided valuable input on both schematic and layout.

The TNS-BUF is built on a 1.75 x 3.75 inch board using 0805 size surface mount components. In the picture above, the SMA connectors are mounted on the reverse side of the board.

TAPR is offering a one-time opportunity to order assembled and tested TNS-BUF boards. See below for details.

For full technical details (including pretty graphs) click here or download the manual.


TAPR is planning a one-time production run of fully assembled TNS-BUF Isolation Amplifier boards based on orders received by October 20, 2016. There is no assurance that TNS-BUF boards will be available to order after that date.

In order to make production viable, we need to receive orders for at least 25 boards by October 20. If that goal is met, we will charge your credit card after the 20th and place the order with our contract manufacturer. Delivery to TAPR is expected about 60 days after we place the order, and we will ship to customers as quickly as we can after receipt.

If we do not reach the 25 board minimum, the order will be cancelled and your card will not be charged.

Ordering Information

Sorry, TNS-BUF is no longer available

Operating Manual

The operating manual can be found online at http://www.tapr.org/~n8ur/TNS-BUF_Manual.pdf.


The TAPR TNS-BUF was made possible by the efforts of:

Dr. Bruce Griffiths – Circuit Designer
John Miles, KE5FX – Circuit Design and Layout Advisor
John Ackermann, N8UR – Board Layout, Performance Testing, and Project Manager

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