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TAPR's Software Library CD-ROM

tapr.cdrom.gif TAPR offers the Software LIbrary
HTML pages allow easy navigation and access to files on the CD.

  • Over 500+ Megs of Information
  • ISO 9660 Format, Windows, and Mac

Ordering Information

Sorry, TAPR Software Library CD-ROM is no longer available

General Information

  • TAPR Software Library
    43+ megs of Information and Files
    • BBS
    • Satellites
    • Switches
    • TNC
    • Terminal
    • TCP/IP
    • Weather
    • LINUX

  • APRS Software and Maps (PC and Mac)
    150 Megs of Maps and Software

  • DSP Software for Amateur Applications
    • TMS320C10
      • TAPR/AMSAT DSP1 Project
      • DALANCO
    • TMS320C26
      • C26_DSK
    • TMS320C50
      • C5X_DSK
    • DSP56000
    • DSP56001
      • DSPCARD3
      • DSPCARD4
      • DSP_12
    • DSP56002
      • EVM56K
    • PSA Sound Card
and more...

Your purchase helps support TAPR

TAPR provides this CD-ROM data as a service to the amateur radio community. You may not use material from this CD-ROM for commercial purposes. If you distribute material from this CD-ROM in electronic, magnetic, or other form, you must include a notice substantially similar to the following: "Downloaded from the TAPR Archives: ftp.tapr.org and http://www.tapr.org"


TAPR is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any information contained herein. Opinions expressed are solely those of the authors of individual messages.

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