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Rain Report

RAIN Report

In 1995, TAPR provided space on our server to support streaming media for other amateur radio related projects. During those early days of Internet streaming, TAPR provided a number of RAIN reports for accces by the amateur radio community. These audio segments remain in our archives because of the quality of the information presented.

If you like this content, be sure to visit the RAIN REPORT for the latest reports.

Selected RAIN Reports

RAIN Report #23 March 1995 (Play all segments)

1) Connie Dunn, KB5LES -- The Story behind YL News
2) Greg Jones, WD5IVD -- Packet Radio for the Beginner or listen at 28.8
3) Frank Terranella, N2IGO -- ECPA goes Cordless

WWV and the SUN,

Al Lotze, W6RQ

Cycle 22 - Its Past, Present, and Future,
Al Lotze, W6RQ

Mastering the HF Bands,
Mitch Stern, WB2JSJ

25 Stress Reducers for Hams,
some humor from WD1V, read by Blair Alper, KA9SEQ

The Code vs No Code Debate,
Dave Miller, NZ9E commentary

Sucessful Contesting,
Mitch Stern, WB2JSJ, 1995 Dayton talk

Amateur Radio Newsline - A Retrospective,
Robert Sudock, WB6FDF interviews its producer,
Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF

Amateur Radio's Wouff Hong Legend,
author unknown, read by Larry Miglore, KB9DIP

Shack Wall Sign,
Packet humor, posted by KA3VSP, read by Blair Alper, KA9SEQ

Is there Life after the HT?,
Mark Thompson, WB9QZB

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