TADD Case Type-Specific End Plates



This consists of a piece of Hammond 1455 series extrusion cut-to-length to hold any of the TADD-1, TADD-2, or TADD-3 full-size boards (not for the ‘mini’ units), plus two PCB panels, one correct for one side of all of the units (with the many BNC connectors), and the other side correct for the TADD-3.

It turns out that the TADD-3 back panel is a superset of the three TADD units.  If you have a TADD-1 or TADD-2, you will have empty holes.  We suggest short pieces of Kapton tape on both sides of the PCB, when using a TADD-3 back panel on a TADD-1 or TADD-2.

Note that the first batch of end plates are for the Amphenol, Black BNC connectors.  For a while, we believe that some TADD-1 units may have been sold with White BNC connectors.  If so, the white BNC centerline is .75 mm lower than that of the Black BNC connector.  So we (will) have plates soon for the White BNCs.  You could use a file, but you might have up to 8 holes to have to file almost 1mm lower.  Tedious at best.  Please select based upon BNC connector color and TADD unit type.

Note that the TADD-3 back panel has the most holes, and serves as a ‘universal’ panel.  All TADD units have the same 6 BNC front panel.

We provide a PCB bracket to mount a pair of powerpole connectors in the rear panel of a TADD unit.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
BNC Color

Black, White




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