GUS GNSS Antenna Splitter

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The GUS (GNSS Unfiltered Splitter) is a four port coupler that allows multiple GNSS (GPS) receivers to be fed from one antenna.  Unlike most available GNSS splitters, the GUS does not have bandpass filters.  This allows it to be used on all of the GNSS frequency bands — L1, L2, and L5.  In fact, it operates from under 1000 to over 1700 MHz.  The GUS has a low noise amplifier that compensates for losses in the splitter, and gives a net gain of about 8 dB.

Like most GNSS splitters, the GUS can be powered by the receiver connected to port 1, and voltage  is fed through to the antenna port to to power an antenna LNA.  In addition, it can be configured for a very wide range of power options.

The GUS circuit board is fully assembled and for the default configuration requires only soldering the RF connectors.  Power options require soldering jumper wires and installing through-hole resistors.

TAPR offers an extruded aluminum enclosure for the GUS.  GUS Case with end plates

There are accessory devices like the IsoTennuator and UnBias-Tee kit, that may make the GUS more useful, or be useful in their own right:
IsoTenn and UnBiasT

We also realize that the GUS could be used, for example, on an ADS-B receive-only antenna, and feed one or more ADS-B decoding devices, such as FlightAware’s PiAware software on an RPi with an RTL-SDR based receiver. These units operate on 978 MHz and 1090 MHz. Some only on 1090 MHz.

The GUS Assembly and Operation Manual is available here.

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