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Board of Directors Election

An election for three TAPR Board of Director positions begins Sunday at 0400 UTC for a two week period, concluding on October 4 at 0400 UTC.

TAPR members will receive an email from Election Buddy, an online election system that will tabulate the votes. That email will include instructions on how to vote and will assign a unique access key, which can only be used to vote once.

Four candidates are vying for the three positions: Steve Bible – N7HPR, Stana Horzepa – WA1LOU, Brian Rogers – N1URO and Darryl Smith – VK2TDS. When voters view the online ballot, they can access links to view the biographies and photos of all four candidates (as appear below).

The results of the election will be posted immediately after the end of the election.

Candidate Biographies

Steve Bible, N7HPR

Steve has been involved with amateur digital communications since 1985 and began work with TAPR in 1995. He enjoys the research and development side of the hobby, in which he tends to spend more time on “the bench” than on the air. He hopes that will change in his retirement years.

Presently, Steve serves as a board member and president of TAPR. Leading and organizing the annual ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference (DCC) and the many activities and projects that TAPR is involved in.

Steve resides in Chandler, AZ and works as a Sr. Technical Staff Engineer for Microchip Technology Inc.

Stana Horzepa, WA1LOU

  • BA, University of Connecticut (1973); JD, Western New England College (1977)
  • Retired Technical Writer
  • Resides on Compounce Mountain, Wolcott, CT
  • Amateur Extra Class, first licensed in 1969 (WN1LOU)
  • TAPR member for 35 years (since 1985)
  • TAPR Packet Status Register (PSR) editor since 2002
  • TAPR SIG administrator of APRSSIG
  • APRS QSY Committee, 1997-98
  • APRS Working Group, secretary
  • ARRL Life Member
  • Section Manager of Connecticut, 1980-81
  • ARRL headquarters staff, 1977-1979
  • QST contributing editor, 1979 to 2013 (monthly columns FM/RPT, On Line, Packet Perspective, Digital Dimension)
  • ARRLWeb contributing editor, 2000 to 2013 (weekly column Surfin’)
  • Author: Your Gateway to Packet Radio (ARRL, 1987, 1989), Practical Packet Radio (ARRL 1995), Getting on Track with APRS (ARRL 1996), APRS: Tracks, Maps and Mobiles (ARRL 1999), APRS: Moving Hams on Radio and the Internet (ARRL, 2004), The ARRL Operating Manual (ARRL, 1980, 1985, 1987, 1991, 1995, 1997, 2000)
  • Awarded the Hamvention Special Achievement Award in 2016
  • Operating awards DXCC, WAS, WAC (among others)
  • e-mail, web site

Brian Rogers, N1URO

  • Licensed ham since 1995
  • Focuses on classic packet and 802.11/high speed
  • Contributor to TAPR PSRs
  • TAPR member for several years
  • Engineer of high speed DSL for ISPs in the early 2000s.
  • 4 term President of EastNet
  • Developer of URONode
  • Developer of axMail-Fax
  • Developer of HTPPU convers server
  • Co-developer of the refresh of ax25xmpp with YO2LOJ
  • Contributor of code for JNOS2, MFNOS, and LinFBB projects
  • Founder of HamText (packet to pc/smartphone)
  • 25+ year involvement on AmprNet
  • AmprNet coordinator for 1/5th of the USA
  • Original importer of Xnet software into the USA from Switzerland
  • Engineer of IPv6 over the FlexNet protocol

Darryl Smith, VK2TDS

POBox 169, Ingleburn NSW 2565, Australia
+61 412 929 634

I have been licensed for over 25 years, getting my license so I could experiment with Packet Radio. Whilst my first transmission upon getting licensed was voice, I am proud to say that my second transmission was on Packet Radio using a TNC-2 that I constructed from a bare board. I have been a member of TAPR since 1997, and a member of the board for approaching 20 years. I live just outside Sydney in Australia, where I am active on APRS as well as experimenting with other digital modes. I am occasionally on air pedestrian mobile running APRS during distance running events, and have been meaning experiment with aeronautical mobile APRS. In my professional life I am a consultant Electrical Engineer, where I love to take things I have learned in Ham Radio hobby and use it professionally, and vice versa. I am constantly reminded how important Ham Radio is for R&D of underlying technologies and as a training ground for RF engineers. I see TAPR as a key enabler of R&D and Training within the digital RF world. 

3 thoughts on “Board of Directors Election

  1. Where do I vote?
    Is “Take the DCC Survey” where one votes?
    Warren wb2ona

  2. It would be great to know why these candidates want to be a board member and what they want to do as board members. if the candidates have shared this information somewhere, my apologies, because i managed to miss it.

    if they haven’t… resumes are interesting but tell me nothing about their agenda or vision for TAPR. how am i to make an informed choice without this info?

    1. Good suggestion, Bill. In the future, we will encourage candidates to state their agenda and vision for TAPR.

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