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Old to New

By Stana Horzepa, WA1LOU – As TAPR transitions from our old website to our new website, you may encounter broken links to the old website, for example, links embedded in our newsletter, PSR

All is not lost. Simply substitute with in the URL of the broken link.

If you encounter any other problems with the new website, please click on the Contact menu above to send an email to the webmaster.

2 thoughts on “Old to New

  1. Please report ANY anomalous behavior, so that we may correct it! We are a small, but dedicated group, all volunteers. So our testing may be imperfect, as are our memories!

  2. Maybe I’m missing it (my wife says I can be looking directly at something and not see it!), but I can’t seem to find the documentation for the TADD-1, TADD-2, TADD-2 mini, and TADD-3. I’ve purchased these and would like to download the manuals, schematics etc. I think there used to be links to these.

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