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PSR #153 Available

The Summer 2022, #153 issue of TAPR PSR is now available at

Table of Contents of the Summer 2022, #153 issue of TAPR PSR:

  • President’s Corner
  • DCC in a Nutshell
  • TAPR Directors Election
  • DCC Schedule
  • DCC Banquet Speaker
  • Proceedings of the DCC
  • Student project enables 33-cm ham experimentation
  • Hamvention 2022 ia a Wrap
  • ‘Hot’ Welcome to a Foreign Ham in Greece
  • Write Here!
  • On the Net
  • The Fine Print
  • Our Membership App

By the way, your PSR editor is now accepting contributions for the next issue of PSR. October 15, 2022, is the deadline for submissions; send your submissions to

4 thoughts on “PSR #153 Available

  1. Somehow I don’t seem to be able to log in. What happened to my account?

    1. Hi Donald,

      I’m seeing your entry in the user database, but not the member database. If you’ve joined TAPR then somehow the membership has gotten lost. If that’s the case then please email me with the order particulars and we’ll get it straightened out.

      I sent a password reset to your email address, so you should be able to reset your password.

      73 Bruce Raymond

  2. Had the same problem.
    Searching found this:
    and downloaded the PDF

    1. Hi David,

      Not sure what’s going on. You’re a member in good standing according to our records. Let me know if the password reset doesn’t fix the problem.

      73 Bruce Raymond

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