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Versatile WSPR Kit is now available for 15m/17m and 10m/12m.

Link to WSPR

9 thoughts on “Versatile WSPR Kit is now available for 15m/17m and 10m/12m.

  1. Versatile WSPR Kit is now available for 15m/17m and 10m/12m.

  2. Using the tapr bootup software for WSPR on the raspberry pi 4. Nice. Really like the web interface. Can you kill the wspr app then restart with command line args? Does it have a way to be sure its transmit frequency is on? I have another type unit that seems to float around +- 500hz and if i move it some where else other than the nice cool shop there is no telling where its transmitting. you have to use a receiver and keep restarting the software with diff freqs it till it is transmitting where you want.

    1. Hi Dave,

      My apologies for not responding in a timely manner. I was just oblivious to the comment section. Again, I’m sorry it’s taken so long to respond. Thanks for your patience and the compliments.

      The WSPR software is invoked through the runwspr file in the /home/pi directory. You can comment out the line “sudo /home/pi/WsprryPi/wspr …” (add a # to the front of the line) to prevent the software from running up on bootup. You can then use the command “sudo /home/pi/WsprryPi/wspr –help” to see the available software options and use the same format as in the file runwspr to run the software from the command line.

      As far as frequency stability goes, the software checks an NTP server to get an accurate time. It does some type of frequency checking against the clock. Unfortunately, I don’t know what it’s doing. Use the ‘-s’ parameter to perform the frequency calibration before every transmission. It’s an impressive piece of software – I wish I’d written it, but I can’t take any credit.

      Hope this helps. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with (
      73, Bruce

  3. where do i post when something does not look like it is working?

    1. Hi Niece,

      I remember responding to your questions by email. Please let me know if you’re still having problems.

      73 Bruce

      1. yes yes yes yes still having problems i have inspected the board and all appears to be good. i use the same rpi and chip and antenna for the 30m board which works flawless but the 10m board has issues… it appears it is TX but i see nothing on i have sent you an attachment of the monitor on the 10m board. please help. I need this to work.

  4. Love the Pi wspr hat. Was wondering if a kit was available with assorted caps and coils so you can change the hat between bands? I’d like to try it on 20 which has been giving good results with my other gadget. Then i’d like to try it on 15 and 10. But dont want to have to buy 3 units when i can change a few parts. Also wondering how the pi knows to run wspr at startup as i added a 5″hdmi screen and it no longer runs wspr at powerup.

    1. Hi Dave,

      Again, sorry for the delay. You’re a brave man 😉 I did mechanical engineering in a former life and the rule was always “it’s okay to add metal, but never try to remove anything” during troubleshooting/fixing something. I hate unsoldering stuff and assume everybody feels the same way 😉 I suppose you could solder wires or header pins into the holes on the pcb and then solder the low pass filter components to the pins. That would make unsoldering much easier.

      Please send me your address via email ( and I’ll send out the low pass filter parts.

      73 Bruce

      1. P.S. The software starts up through the runwspr file (see the explanation below).

        The complete picture is a line in /etc/rc.local executing /home/pi/onStartup, that runs runwspr. If any of these links are broke then the software won’t automatically run.


        /home/pi/onStartup <= at end of file onStartup ... /home/pi/runwspr <= also at end of file runwspr ... sudo /home/pi/WsprryPi/wspr -r -o -s nd8i em60 23 30m 0 0 0 0 & <= obviously for my call/QTH

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