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Get Your DCC Proceedings Here

The Proceedings for the 2022 ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference (DCC) are available as a free pdf or a $10 printed paperback.

Click here to download the proceedings as a pdf.

Click here to purchase a printed copy of the proceedings.

6 thoughts on “Get Your DCC Proceedings Here

  1. Hi,
    Is the DCC boff virtual and in-person?

  2. Roy – Yes. The activities in Charlotte are supposed to be ‘broadcast’ on the TAPR YouTube channel for TAPR members.

    There is a link on the left side of this page called ‘DCC Live via YouTube’ though at this time (Friday, 1253z) it is a dead link (404 error). Hopefully that will be fixed very soon.

    73 de Gary, AF8A

  3. It went live for a few minutes this morning about 9am ET, and then went ‘off the air’.

  4. So, almost a 100 folks have watched the same 5:55 loop. When are we gonna get real live streaming? Note that I can’t leave a comment on the live stream item. It goes to a 404 page. This is really frustrating. I took a day off from work for this.

  5. Does TAPR have a slack channel, or other more real-time interaction? I’ve left comments on the ‘live’ feed, but so far only responses from other viewers.

  6. The stream just came up at 1pm ET on the TAPR YouTube channel. There is a loud buzz and hum along with low audio. Gary says they are aware and are working to fix it.

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