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Login/Membership Problems Fixed

The problems related to the website’s login and membership functions have been fixed.

6 thoughts on “Login/Membership Problems Fixed

  1. under account details
    could we have a listing on membership renewal date
    i don’t always remember if membership payment is up to date
    or not.

    Bob ve3gkm

  2. How about an email reminder before membership expires. That would really be appreciated.
    Also, I am apparently logged in, even though my password was not accepted.

  3. Hello,
    Member 8278 from several decades ago in membership. Been thru a legal name change on 03/11/2020 from Richard A. Ferraro back to reverted Zane W. Keeler. I am forwarding via old letter e-mail web: Name change document. What are the dues currently? updating all licenses.



    Zane W. Keeler
    197 Rte 135
    Monmouth Maine 04259-6515

    207 933-8109

    1. Hi Zane,

      Welcome back! Probably the easiest approach is to just start over with a new membership. The membership cost is $30/year. Besides helping TAPR fund our trips to the Caribbean (don’t I wist), your dues help us push the state of the art (e.g. software defined radios, precision timing, …). It also gets you a 10% discount on all the wonderful TAPR stuff in the store.

      Start with this link:

      73 Bruce/ND8I

  4. Hi,
    I was trying to look into membership and your note right at the top of page says see membership below. Sorry to say, there ain’t any. Where is it please? 73s de n0rg. /Roy

    1. Ah, I see the problem. Our approach is somewhat convoluted in that we have you purchase a membership. It’s a consistent way to get money. IOW, we have one engine to grab money and we use it to sell stuff and to process memberships.

      Click on the Shop menu item and then click on the TAPR Membership Add to cart button. It’s reasonably self-explanatory after that. Sorry for the confusion.

      We need to change the message at the top to let people know that they need to buy a membership.

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