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Login/Membership Problems Fixed

The problems related to the website’s login and membership functions have been fixed.

4 thoughts on “Login/Membership Problems Fixed

  1. under account details
    could we have a listing on membership renewal date
    i don’t always remember if membership payment is up to date
    or not.

    Bob ve3gkm

  2. How about an email reminder before membership expires. That would really be appreciated.
    Also, I am apparently logged in, even though my password was not accepted.

  3. Hello,
    Member 8278 from several decades ago in membership. Been thru a legal name change on 03/11/2020 from Richard A. Ferraro back to reverted Zane W. Keeler. I am forwarding via old letter e-mail web: Name change document. What are the dues currently? updating all licenses.



    Zane W. Keeler
    197 Rte 135
    Monmouth Maine 04259-6515

    207 933-8109

    1. Hi Zane,

      Welcome back! Probably the easiest approach is to just start over with a new membership. The membership cost is $30/year. Besides helping TAPR fund our trips to the Caribbean (don’t I wist), your dues help us push the state of the art (e.g. software defined radios, precision timing, …). It also gets you a 10% discount on all the wonderful TAPR stuff in the store.

      Start with this link:

      73 Bruce/ND8I

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