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Special DCC Issue (#146) of PSR

The Special DCC Issue (#146) of TAPR’s newsletter PSR is now available here and from the TAPR website Library. The contents of the PSR #146 is as follows:
  • DCC Friday Schedule
  • DCC Saturday Schedule
  • DCC Papers
  • The Fine Print
  • Our Membership App

6 thoughts on “Special DCC Issue (#146) of PSR

  1. How do I login tomorrow to the DCC? I am a member.

    1. You’ll need to “buy” a registration in the TAPR store, then you’ll get an invite from Zoom (not TAPR). If you are a TAPR member, you’ll get a 100% discount of the $30 price, so it will end up being free to you.

  2. I bought yesterday and I’ve seen no invite from Zoom. The invite from Zoom appears to be from an IP address that has been blacklisted by third party providers. So my ISP dumped it. How do I get in?

    1. email me at jra at febo dot com and I’ll send you the link.

  3. Where is the YouTube url?

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