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TAPR Store goes to Hamvention

On Wednesday, 15 May, the TAPR store will drive to Dayton. The last day before Dayton that we will ship is Tuesday. Please do not expect us to ship your online purchases until Monday, 20 May, when the store has returned to Michigan.

Special show pricing will start on Thursday, 16 May, and go thru the end of the month. If you buy and pick up at Hamvention, the price you pay will include Ohio Sales tax as part of the price. For example, if you buy a WSPR board for $30, special non-member price, at Dayton/Xenia, that price includes theOhio Sales Tax. You will pay no shipping at Dayton/Xenia. To get this pricing that includes Ohio Sales Tax, you need to purchase at the TAPR booth (order and pay) and receive your merchandise there. If you buy online thru the end of the month, you will pay the same price as the special show price, but sales tax is separate, as is shipping.

Unlike previous years, we won’t officially close the store to go to Dayton/Xenia for Hamvention. It’s only a 3 hour drive for me. But please, wait until 20 May to order online. It will be easier for you and for me.


George K9TRV TAPR Store Manager

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