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New Product: TADD-3 Mini

TADD-3 Mini is a four-output PPS or other pulse distribution amp available with either SMA or BNC output connectors and with SMA input for either version. It comes with surface-mount parts installed, so you just need to solder the included connectors and headers.

TADD-3 Mini is smaller than the original TADD-3 (2.5 x 3 inches for SMA; 2.5 x 3.75 inches for BNC). It lacks some of the full-sized version’s versatility, but it’s also less expensive – $49 for SMA and $65 for BNC version (BNC connectors have become much more expensive lately, which will soon affect the price of other TAPR products that use BNCs).

One nifty feature is that the boards can be easily stacked to provide eight or more outputs. You can even stack BNC and SMA boards together.

TADD-3 Mini is available now in the TAPR Shop. Click here to view the assembly/user manual.

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