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TAPR.ORG — The Next Generation

We’re pleased to introduce you to the new TAPR.ORG web site and on-line store. We’ve completely rebuilt the site using a modern content management system and e-commerce platform, hosted at a well-respected provider that provides automatic security updates.

We’ll be updating the front page with new posts regularly, so plan to stop by even if you’re not shopping!

There’s a lot more content to come as we continue to migrate content from the old site to the new, but for now the on-line store is fully functional and loaded with all current TAPR products. We have removed some very old products from the store; if you need one of those, please contact us and we’ll let you know if we still have it available.

We’re also integrating our membership management into the new system. All new memberships and renewals are available as products within the store, and there will be special members-only features on the site.

Finally, we’ll be changing the way the Packet Status Register is distributed and will be discontinuing the current mailing lists. Before the next PSR is published, we’ll send a note to those lists explaining the changes, and how to access PSR going forward.

Of course, there may be a few glitches as we get the new site rolling. If you have any problems, or suggestions, please let us know!

1 thought on “TAPR.ORG — The Next Generation

  1. Congrats on the new web site!
    Store looks great!
    Can’t wait for new TNCs!

    Chris Lance, ww2bsa

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